Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are not like other vehicle crashes. Obviously, most trucks are much larger than passenger vehicles. Sometimes they are much, much larger. When a crash occurs, typically the other vehicles are damaged to a greater extent and their passengers typically receive severe injuries. But something else is different when a truck is involved in a crash.

Most trucks are owned or operated by commercial businesses. Some of those trucking companies that operate a nationwide fleet of semitrucks are multibillion-dollar entities. They have crash investigation departments, with investigators and lawyers who can examine a crash quickly and begin developing defenses to protect the company from any lawsuits.

More Than 20 Years Of Legal Experience

At the Law Office of Emilio Flores, P.C., I can help. I understand how important it is for you to have your own independent representative to deal with trucking companies and their insurance companies. Personal injury and insurance law are complex, and when you are injured and in pain, you may not be in the best condition to deal with issues and problems you may never have encountered. I have more than 20 years of legal experience to help you resolve your claims.

I Know What It Feels Like

You may sometimes feel as if other people really don't understand the pain you may experience after a serious collision involving a truck. I do. Unlike most attorneys, the pain and suffering you endure after such a crash is not an abstract issue to me. I was hurt in a serious accident almost two decades ago, and I still experience back pain from that crash.

This means I really understand what you are going through, and it means I know how important your compensation and recovery are to you and your family. I want you to get better, and I work aggressively to help you in every way I can.

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Truck accidents demand a quick response and aggressive representation to protect your rights and help you obtain compensation for your injuries. I represent clients throughout Texas. As soon as you are able, call my Cedar Park office at 512-714-4444 or use my online form to tell me about your situation and make an appointment.