Motorcycle Accidents

Texas has thousands of miles of scenic roads that are ideal for motorcycle riding, from the Hill Country to the gulf coast and the wide-open spaces of West Texas. But as any rider knows, you must be constantly alert for other drivers and their negligent actions. With little protection and little margin for error, all you need is a passenger vehicle to make a sudden left turn in front of you to cause a catastrophic crash.

Who's At Fault?

At the Law Office of Emilio Flores, P.C., I know what it takes to protect your rights as an injured motorcycle rider. I'm an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you navigate the road to recovery. I know how to examine a crash and will help determine which drivers are responsible for your injuries due to their negligent conduct.

I Protect You And Understand Your Pain

You need an aggressive advocate for you claims after a motorcycle accident, and I have the legal experience to provide that type of advocacy. But I also bring a unique level of empathy for all my clients, because I suffered severe injuries in a motor vehicle crash and I know what you are going through.

Insurance Companies Are Not On Your Side

Insurance companies are always looking for reasons to deny claims, and it is too easy for a rider to say something or fail to provide the right piece of paper, which gives them that reason. The claims process is intentionally confusing, and you likely have never needed to make this type of claim. Lawyers and insurance agents handle this work every day. You can be overwhelmed and bewildered by their demands.

I know their tactics and what needs to be done to ensure your claims are filed in a timely manner. I know when to recommend that we go to court and can help you evaluate settlement offer. I have been through this process many times, and I can help you during every step of the process, explaining the law, the status of your claim and helping to calm your fears.

Contact Me Today!

I represent individuals injured by drunk drivers throughout Texas. As soon as you are able, call my Cedar Park office at 512-714-4444 or use my online form to tell me about your situation and make an appointment.