Drunk Driver Accidents

Drunk driver accidents remain a problem with everyone in Texas. In most years, a third or more of the highway fatalities can be attributed to crashes involving alcohol. Nationwide, more than 10,000 people die every year from these crashes and tens of thousands suffer injuries.

If you have been injured in such a crash, my law firm, the Law Office of Emilio Flores, P.C., can help. I have more than 20 years of experience as an attorney, and my practice is focused on helping people who have suffered a personal injury.

Hit By A Drunk Driver?

Like most incidents involving negligence, there is a strong feeling of unfairness that accompanies being injured in a drunk driver accident. Why were you singled out? Some may claim it was just bad luck, but it is more. With thousands of intoxicated drivers on the highways every day, your injuries are due to them failing to recognize how dangerous drunk driving is and how alcohol severely diminishes the ability to safely operate a vehicle.

The Aftermath From A Drunk Driving Crash

I am an experienced lawyer, and I understand what is necessary to bring a successful claim to an insurance company or a court. But I also understand the more personal nature of these crashes, and what it is like to suffer severe physical injuries and to deal with the healing process, medical treatments, loss of income, and the stress of working to recover from your injuries while successfully dealing with the bureaucratic complexities of insurance companies and courts.

I can help you recover the compensation for the injuries you suffered. I will examine the crash and your injuries, and review police reports and anything else relevant to your claim. I will communicate with the insurance companies and the responsible party's lawyers, working to maximize your claim to ensure you receive the compensation you need.

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