Defective Products

There are times when it is not a person, but a product that causes you injury. It can be something simple like a toaster or another home appliance or something complex, like a drug or motor vehicle. These products may be common place or unusual, but they can all leave you with serious injuries or in extreme cases, fatalities.

I'm attorney Emilio Flores, and at my Law Office of Emilio Flores, P.C., I can help you deal with the aftermath of an injury caused by a defective product. Cases involving defective products are sometimes called product liability cases. These matters are frequently complex, and working with an experienced lawyer soon after your injury can ensure every element of your claim is maximized for your recovery.

Many Products Can Lead To Serious Injury

We live in a world of thousands of products, all designed to generate profit. Sometimes a manufacturer will build something with a poor design or will manufacture it defectively, or they will provide inadequate warnings for the consumer. All of these decisions can lead to dangerous products that can injure or kill.

These items include a wide spectrum of products, such as:

  • Children's toys
  • Lawn equipment
  • Household chemicals
  • Drugs and medical devices
  • Motor vehicles
  • Industrial machinery in the workplace.

Help For These Complex Legal Claims

If you have been injured, or a family member has been killed, by a defective or dangerous product, I can help you understand how to navigate and litigate the claim. Companies often employ teams of lawyers working to protect their profits.

They may try to intimidate you and convince you to settle your claim for far less than the real cost of your injuries. I will protect your claim and work to ensure that your compensation is adequate for the damage you have suffered.

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