About My Law Practice

Personal injury law is very personal for me. I'm attorney Emilio Flores, and at my firm, the Law Office of Emilio Flores, P.C., I represent clients who have been injured in Texas due to negligence. I fight to achieve justice for every one of my clients.

Fighting For Justice More Than 20 Years

I seek justice and compensation for my clients because I truly understand the effects of a severe personal injury. I was injured in a serious motor vehicle crash in 2001 and experienced the same struggles that you may have gone through after being injured. This incident caused me to focus my practice on helping individuals just like you who have suffered a negligently caused injury.

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I began my legal career as a prosecutor in 1997. Working as a prosecutor means I spent a great deal of time with trial preparation and practice, allowing me to develop the skills needed for an effective trial attorney. I also worked for large civil litigation firms, further developing my skills as a courtroom lawyer.

The Challenges Injured People Face

After my accident and recovery, I recognized the difficulties injured individuals go through and knew that with my legal skills, I could help them. The legal and insurance system you face after an accident is daunting, and navigating the labyrinth of insurance companies, doctors, attorneys and employers in order to get justice can be overwhelming.

With my experience and legal background, I can help you overcome those challenges, obtain the medical treatment you need and recover the compensation necessary to help you really recover from the loss you have suffered.

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I help individuals who have been injured throughout Texas with premises liability claims. Call my Cedar Park office at 512-714-4444 or use my online form to tell me about your situation and make an appointment.